What is the Outdoor Sketchbook Collective?

Written by artist, illustrator & designer Orla Stevens, the Outdoor Sketchbook Collective is a monthly blog sharing insights and behind the scenes into Orla’s creative practice: creating art to connect to herself and to nature.

I’ll be sharing my process, research trips and plein-air drawing adventures outside. I’d love to use this space to build community around arts & the outdoors, and I hope each post offers you some inspiration and ways to get into nature & get creative.

As an artist, I get to research all sorts of interesting things to inspire my practice. I’ll be sharing some highlights from my research here, which spans across geology, hiking & camping, music, conservation & rewilding, outdoor swimming, ecology & more.

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See you Outside!


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Connecting to nature & the outdoors through art. Writing about creative process, plein air research trips, and life as an artist.


Orla Stevens

Connecting to nature, community & the outdoors through art. Writing about the creative process, painting, plein-air drawing and adventures outside.